​​ Here at New Roots Holistic Healing, we strive for a culture of fierce love, being a safe place to learn, permission to embrace your messy self, and loads of self care. Our mission is to
educate and empower individuals in their journey to finding holistic health through personalized healthy living plans to accomodate each person's unique needs. ​​
Courtney Harms
​​Meet Dr. Courtney, ND
Dr. Courtney has been passionate about health and caring for people since a very young age. Through the years she has
 battled several personal health struggles, including depression, anxiety, and PCOS. These experiences have developed a deep passion to helping others find healing naturally with a whole-body approach. She received her Naturopathic Doctor Certification & CNHP training through Trinity School of Natural Health.

She aims to help each client in their journey to finding healing by building a firm foundation through diet & herbal supplementation. Her areas of expertise are in the benefits of healthy lifestyles, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatique & pain, thyroid struggles, mental wellness, and more. She focuses the majority of her practice on helping each individual find empowerment to obtain long-term, whole-body wellness.

​Our bodies are precious ​​
and incredible wonders. We have within ourselves and within our world, natural healing systems to bring restoration. It is my passion to show others the beauty of that healing system and to
help them use it to
find healing
within themselves.

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